Best Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Every Skin Type

Best Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Every Skin Type

Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help make the skin look plumper, glowing, youthful, and more nourished. Sugar scrubs are a type of face scrubs that when applied on any skin type help physically exfoliate the dead skin cells build-up. Typically formulated with sugar granules, sugar scrubs are particularly useful for extremely dry and rough skin present anywhere from elbows to the knees and the heels. Being similar to most the other skin cell exfoliants, sugar scrubs are mostly used once to twice a week for avoiding any over-exfoliation and disruption of the natural skin barrier. 

The Best Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Every Skin Type

Rejoicing a homemade exfoliant made out of sugar mixed with other ingredients proves great for supple, smooth, and nourished skin. The scrub deeply cleanses, softens, and moisturizes when applied gently. Let us now look at some of the best homemade sugar scrubs brought to you straight from the kitchen of the Sassi Beauty Products Family. A family hobby turning into a family-grown business offering affordable solutions to all skin types!

1)Apple Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Apple Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Preventing the skin blemishes had never been so much easier than it is with the Apple Vanilla Sugar Scrub brought to you by Sassi Beauty Products. The sugar scrub available here comes with the finest blend of ingredients making these scrubs a comprehensive solution to razor bumps. From the unmistakable aroma to the rich texture, a sugar scrub evokes a sense of ritual in your beauty routine.

2)Tobacco and Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Tobacco and Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Homemade tobacco and vanilla sugar scrubs are made from a blend of natural ingredients that are chemical-free. The product will exfoliate your skin and help prevent unwanted blemishes and razor bumps. Buffing away dull, flaky, and dead skin cells, the scrub-on application also fights inflammatory skin conditions. The sugar scrub is a mixture of fine ingredients and its rich texture is the gentlest choice for sensitive skin. 

3)Cherry blossom sugar scrub

Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub

The scented sugar scrub not just exfoliates but smoothest and deeply nourishes the skin from the inside. Using this scrub twice a week is just enough! The product on application deeply cleanses and moisturizes with the granules in the scrub polishing the skin in addition to removing the dead cells. Safe for both body and face, these sugar scrubs get you glowing skin with regular and careful use. This very eco-friendly exfoliant would never harm or irritate your skin, it’s worth every single penny you put in.

4)Lavender Sassi Sugar Scrub

Lavender Sugar Scrub

With an essence of calming scent added to a homemade scrub, the striking aromatic appeal and a glorifying texture make the product simply exquisite. Proving extremely useful in deeply hydrating and exfoliating the skin, the Lavender Sugar Scrub helps give relief from the redness, itchiness, and dry and flaky skin. Being a blend of ingredients including Sugar, Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Bees Wax, Optiphen, etc., this very scrub evokes a sense of ritual in your beauty routine. 

Bring home natural solutions for a healthy, glowing, and radiant skin

DIY sugar scrubs are a great at-home option! Making them with the best natural beauty ingredients is not just a quick and easy process but proves much more affordable than the store-bought alternatives. Dust, dirt, or sebum, a scrub is an all-in-one solution to treat most of the skin issues arising out of the clogging of the skin pores. Be proactive, bring home your favorite scrub, for healthy, youthful, and plumper-looking skin.

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